RECRA Reference Architecture released.

First public version of RECRA (Regional Electricity Companies Reference Architecture) released by Golsoft. This reference architecture is prepared during a 2-years joint project by Golsoft and Tehran Regional Electricity Company (TREC) and 3 other pioneer regional electricity companies, responding to an initiative defined by TAVANIR, regulatory body of Iran power utilities sector. The first formal version of RECRA is released during "e-Government and Digital Transformation of Power Industry Committee" session in TAVANIR on Oct. 30, 2017. 

RECRA is an industry-specific reference architecture for regional electricity companies, core power distribution operators in Iran, covering business, data, application and technology layers. RECRA is published in following 6 parts:

1. Executive Summary

2. RECRA framework

3. Business Reference Model (BRM)

4. Information Reference Model (IRM)

5. Services & Technology Reference Models (SRM & TRM)

6. Implementation Guide